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March 3, 2022

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I'm Sarah!

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My most recent trip was to NYC with my family. It was a great change of pace from Boston and I was pleasantly surprised by the city. Yes, it was overwhelming and dirty compared to Boston, but the food scene is unlike any other city I’ve been to. I hadn’t been since I was underage, and my experience then was much different…We did the usual touristy things but also went to very cool restaurants and fun neighborhoods that I fell in love with.


Buvette – Out of all of the restaurants we experienced in NYC, this one was my favorite. Not only was the food phenomenal, the ambiance made me feel like I was back in Paris. Buvette is an authentic French restaurant located in The Village. They do not take reservations, so we arrived around 6 pm, waited 45 minutes, and were seated in no time. They don’t take phone numbers either so if they call your name, and you aren’t there, they move on to the next group. The menu is small, and I wanted to order everything. The three of us ended up ordering a few starters and then 4 small plates to share. Definitely get the lobster pot pie, chicken pate, cheesy potatoes, and steak tartar. All of these dishes were phenomenal. I didn’t think I was a huge fan of French food but now, I am obsessed.

Trattoria Italienne – This restaurant is located in Chelsea and serves Northern Italian and Southern French fare. I wouldn’t think to put these two types of food together, but now I see why they do. The inside of the restaurant is designed to perfection and the menus do not disappoint. There is plenty of space for a big group so if you’re in NYC and need a large table, look no further. We ordered grilled Cesar salad and octopus to start. Both were fresh and delicious. Since we were a big group with lots of different food preferences we needed a place to satisfy us all. This was the perfect place for that. For entrees, we ordered pasta, pork, fish, and more fresh salad. Do not skip the bread basket, it is worth it!

Via Corota – This restaurant was one that I loved to hate my entire trip. Located in The Village (near Buvette), I read reviews and heard from work of mouth that this restaurant was a must. Therefore, I made it my mission to get in. It was literally a battle to get a table. The wait times are 3-4 hours each night, so you have to go early but not too early because they don’t start taking dinner names till 5:30. It’s a struggle.

Even though this process was a pain, I am so glad I stuck with it. Right when you walk in the front door, you can feel how happy everyone is to be there. The dishes look amazing and the people are drinking fun drinks out of European wine glasses. We ordered a few salads and a few pasta dishes to share. The dish that blew my mind was the caccio pepe. I was in heaven. They also had a mushroom pasta that was so fresh I thought they must’ve made the pasta from scratch right when I put in the order. If you can get a table, you MUST go.


Hu Kitchen – I knew I wanted to go to Hu Kitchen simply from seeing it all over social media. They cook their food without refined sugar, cane sugar, soy lectins, emulsifiers, dairy, gmo, gluten, and seed oils. Basically, anything that is junk, they leave out of their food. Located right on 5th ave, this is a perfect spot to stop in after shopping for a few hours.

Foragers – My Instagram friend recommended this brunch place located in Chelsea. I was thrilled to find out that it was farm to table and they even list their farmers on their menu. I was a little nervous it would be too “healthy” for my older brother, but he was happy. They have simple breakfast plates and interesting omelet recipes. They also have a really cool bar so if you’re looking for a nice Bloody Mary but also a healthy breakfast, this is your spot.

Maman – I found this restaurant right on Yelp but with low expectations because it looked like more of a simple café without main breakfast meals. Located right in Chelsea, we walked over (a little hungover) and ready to eat. They greeted us with cookie samples… I was immediately happy with my choice. They have a very interesting menu with simple egg breakfast bowls, to interesting plates like shashuka and Greek platters. Also, they have matcha, so this was an immediate win for me.

Juice Generation – Saturday during the day I was craving a big green smoothie and stumbled upon this place in The Village. They source all of their ingredients from local farmers and use all fresh ingredients. The smoothie I ordered was honestly one of the best I’ve had in a long time. They also have elixirs and immune booster shots if you’re feeling a little under the weather on your trip.

I want to head back to NYC for another weekend just to try all of the different restaurants they have to offer. I didn’t even make a dent and will definitely be back soon to keep chipping away at my list.

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