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March 3, 2022

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I'm Sarah!

Your Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (CHC)


Hi everyone!

I want to start my first post with a little bit of background about why I started my health and wellness Instagram, @simplysking, and why I am continuing that journey into becoming a health coach and nutritional therapy practitioner.

My childhood was filled with an appreciation of healthy whole foods prepared at home. Thanks to my mom and dad, I was surrounded by grass-fed meats, pasture-raised chicken, and organic everything before it was widely accessible. My siblings and I would come home after school to a steamed broccoli snack and then following dinner were our vitamins. Growing up with two chiropractors as parents was a blessing. I grew to realize the power of prioritizing your health.

Things started to change when I began my time at an all-girls catholic high school. Being thin was a goal for many of the girls, including myself. I never lost appreciation for healthy food, however, I started to restrict my food intake. I often skipped dinner because I had eaten what I considered to be “too much” at lunch that day. After beginning college, I started to get back on track and gave myself more freedom with my food intake. My 3 roommates were health-conscious and we began to find balance, eating healthy and exercising, even enjoying a weekend pizza without guilt. I was learning what it was to have a good relationship with food. I am still learning and working through my struggles with body image and guilt around eating unhealthy foods. My hope is that together we can celebrate our successes and support our hardships.

During my sophomore year of college, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. This shook me to my core. The support of family and friends was priceless. After a 2 year battle, my mom is officially in remission.

Going through this journey with my mom, inspired me to delve deeper into the question of “how to be healthy”. My mom made health a priority her whole life, she ate nutritious whole food, drank alcohol moderately, exercised often yet she still got sick. However, it was apparent to me her lifelong healthy habits were instrumental in her healing and now being cancer-free. It was even more important now that I study, learn and embrace a healthy lifestyle. Health meant so much more than being” thin” now it meant “not getting sick.”

This leads me to the inception of @simplysking. I realized my efforts to learn, research, and practice health and wellness were bringing me energy and excitement. I finally understood my dad’s words” follow your passion.” I wanted to share my hard work and influence and inspire people to treat their bodies as they should be treated. In the past, my goal for a healthy lifestyle was to be thin and this was HARD, now my goal for a healthy lifestyle is to feel good and this is EASY. So came the “simplysking” pages which are created to show my followers how SIMPLE being healthy really is.

In my reading and researching the field of health and wellness, I discovered the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. IIN is a one-year program that teaches its student how to turn their passion for health and wellness into a career. IIN takes a comprehensive analysis and study of many nutritional theories. The program combines basic science, psychology, and nutrition equipping the student to be an effective health coach. Their mission is to have their education play a role in improving people’s health and happiness and in turn, it will create a ripple effect throughout the world. How wonderful is that mission!

I also completed the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Program. This is a 10-month program focused on bio-individual, science-based holistic nutrition education. I now have the tools to manage clients and assess the body’s nutritional deficiencies. I am now working to get my master’s in nutrition and functional medicine.

I hope a peek into my background has provided a deeper understanding of how I got to this place and where I want to go. My vision is together we can celebrate our successes and support our hardships to become the best that we can be!

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