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Health + Wellness

How diet can change you

A little while ago I asked my Instagram followers what health issue they struggle with the most. I received everything from acne, weight loss, emotional eating, sleep, stress, anxiety, fatigue, headaches, and digestion. You might think, “holy crap how does one address all of those different issues?” My answer would be through diet. So many […]

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Health + Wellness

Be confident in your choices

Have you ever been in the situation where you’ve made some positive changes with your diet and lifestyle and your friend feels the need to let you know you’re doing it all wrong? For example, you start eating a higher fat diet because you don’t have the energy levels that you need to get you […]

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Should you be vegan?

We’ve all had these thoughts and who can blame us? The media has a different opinion every single day. I wanted to write this post to try and simplify this debate for you. As I always say, everyone is different, so this is simply an educational post for you to read and then make your […]

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Health + Wellness

About me

Hi everyone! I want to start my first post with a little bit of background about why I started my health and wellness Instagram, @simplysking, and why I am continuing that journey into becoming a health coach and nutritional therapy practitioner. My childhood was filled with an appreciation of healthy whole foods prepared at home. […]

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I’m Sarah!

I specialize in relieving digestive dysfunction and improving poor gut health with individual holistic wellness services and monthly programs in order to eliminate uncomfortable symptoms like bloat, acid reflux, constipation, low energy, anxiety, PMS, & more.

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