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Hi everyone! I want to start my first post with a little bit of background about why I started my health and wellness Instagram, @simplysking and why I am continuing that journey into becoming a health coach and nutritional therapy practitioner. My childhood was filled with an appreciation of healthy whole foods prepared at home.Continue reading “welcome”

the meat debate.

Who isn’t confused about meat? Is it good? Is it bad? Should I be vegan? We’ve all had these thoughts and who can blame us? The media has a different opinion every single day. I wanted to write this post to try and simplify this debate for you. As I always say, everyone is different,Continue reading “the meat debate.”

dry january.

If you haven’t already figured it out, I did Dry January. Drinking has always been a part of my weekend, whether or not I wanted it to be. I went to college in the middle of nowhere Ohio and there wasn’t much else to do except go to house parties or to one of theContinue reading “dry january.”

my guide to non-toxic.

Last week an awesome company reached out to me to try some of their skin care products. I was PUMPED. I received the package, used it once, and loved how it smelled and felt. This “all natural” skincare brand said it was made from “organic argan oil and leaf extract” and “100% vegan and crueltyContinue reading “my guide to non-toxic.”


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