how intermittent fasting improved my life.

Let’s talk intermittent fasting. It has become all the rage the past few years and I am fully on board. I was skeptical at first thinking I had to restrict calories. NO THX. I was terrified because I thought I could NEVER go a day without eating breakfast. I am a science nerd so once I started to read about the studies done on humans to prove the benefits of intermittent fasting, I had to give it a try.

NOTE – I believe intermittent fasting is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change, and one for the better.

I started intermittent fasting and bulletproof coffee right when I came home from abroad. I was 10-15 lbs. over my normal weight and I was not happy with how I felt and how my brain was functioning.

I started slowly. I have always been the type that gets super hangry if I am not prepared. I began with finishing up eating at around 9pm and breakfast around 10am with bulletproof coffee before. Slowly day after day and week after week, I could go for 18 hour fasts with no problem. The key thing to note here is that I was never ever forcing it. Because I took it so slowly at first, by the 3rd week or so it was easy, I didn’t even have to think about it. The other thing to note here was that my abroad weight came off quickly. It was shocking. Within 1-2 months I was back to my healthy weight while some of my friends needed months to lose the weight gained from eating pasta and drinking wine every night…

Not only did the weight come off, but my mood was immensely better. I used to wake up in a snappy mood and if someone talked to me before I had breakfast…well let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. I hated that I was like this. I wanted to be a pleasure to be around, not someone that people had to tip toe around because they were afraid of setting me off.

Finally, my focus in school was impressive. I could sit through a 90-minute economics class with a notebook and pen and not stare at my phone the entire time. Once again, I was shocked. I was always challenged in the business school and needed extra help from a tutor or extra hours of studying to keep up. Therefore, you can imagine how thrilled I was to have the focus and drive that I never had prior.

With that being said, this is my story, not yours. Intermittent fasting is not for everyone. I recommend you try it for 2-3 weeks and see if you enjoy it. Just note that it takes about 2 weeks to reap the benefits.

Why should you start intermittent fasting?

·       Improved mood

·       Stable blood sugar

·       Fat loss

·       Increased muscle mass

·       Decreased brain fog

·       Improved digestion

I practice the 16/8 schedule. 16 hours of fasting with an 8-hour eating window.

Past School Schedule:

1.       Finish dinner and snacks around 9pm

2.       Wake up around 9am and have water and a workout

3.       Make my bulletproof coffee or matcha at 10:30am

4.       Go to class and drink more water

5.       Go to library and study and drink more water

6.       Come home and eat a large nutrient dense lunch around 2pm or some days 3pm

Current Work Schedule:

1.       Finish dinner and snacks before 7 or 8pm

2.       Wake up at 6:45am and have water

3.       Go to work and drink more water

4.       Have my bulletproof matcha at 8:30am

5.       Workout at 12pm OR eat at 12pm and workout in afternoon depending on the day